Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I watched us change with the seasons,
in spring we sprung in love
summer we embraced in long walks,
the ones with sands between our toes
fall came, and we fell in love
but the time of year when I need you
using my arms as wings for you
you're sending signals of quietness
the silence of all silenceses
So I through up my hands wanting to quit
but the only person motivating me
challenges me not to quit

but I sit here walking over thorn peddles
that was once my rose that turned dark and black
rising to smells of deceiving sweet sours
lingering across stained wood floors

everything beautiful is just a lie waiting
to see the devils truth
music is loud sirens in my ears to wake up
My Eve is no longer
I felt us ending the day my side was hurting

my digressions to corners, are sessions holding bottles like I held you
taking on bad habits that I promised never to turn to
heartbreak is a......
sad to see a man diminished like this

I must be quite heated about this isssh
cuz every time I walk pass a sprinkler
it activates water, trying to cool me down and issh

rocking back and forth like the elderly counting their last days
im shaking my head in lost like civil rights movements shaking heads in shame
don't even know my name
what, God, what is my purpose again
took 10 pens to cooperate in this wretched write

my best pen, who was my best man
couldn't bare to waste ink on this plite
constantly melting away
turning to a puddle of soils
from lack of bathing
my perfumes are designed by
Merlot's, cirocs, and Seagram's 7

moon and sun rises in directions my windows don't face
they rather not waist there rays and hi lighted stares
in my depressing face

you know it's bad when poetry don't make sense
when you joined angry groups
cause everything you stand for
seems to be against you

then that day comes
when the life that kept you alive
walks by you
and smile
and say hi
with another rib on her side

glowing like she did with me
like everything is alright
passing me like I was invisible
the thing of the past
holding his left hand
as if announcements were made to woman and man

still sporting my credit line on her shoulder
Berkin Bag
with his stuff and gifts tucked in it
swaying in the shoes
that I bought for you to walk out of my life with
and into his path

is this the trials of a man submitting to love?
To lower his emotional thugships
for a lease on a relationship
didn't quite read the fine print
warranty warned me I wont be able to keep up with this
but I invest for the quest for ownership

Silly me
coming back to InkOnWrite
to end my year with bad hype
but this is my vent
blazing my pen
is the....
smoking these pieces
cuz poetry is my pipe
a committed infection
a death with no resurrection

as I continue to walk on thorn peddles......

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

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