Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, December 16, 2011


I wish I could be part of you,
close to externally and internally,

 the bone marrow to the epidermis skin level of you
that Divine art and the part that are sculpted pieces of you
so I can always be with you in so many ways
so you will know
that I'm there for you
and with you
at every ticking minute
towards moving moments of you
dawns early light to the closing of the day
Now there are times I have to draw a line
cause I know you need your space
but the way I want to be part of you
is the blinking pause when love is at a continuous play
trying to be a  CAUSE just because
I'm being a PART OF YOU

I wish I could be the blanket that keeps you warm
heavy on your features,
protecting goose bumps during freezing
holding you heavenly like you see in movies and pictures
warming you to until I over heat you
this what I mean about being a PART OF YOU

I wish I was the towel drying you off
jealous I get
thinking about that 70% cotton, 30% Terri cloth
touching and absorbing your fresh skin
pressing moisture back within
patting and rubbing all areas( some more than others)
and trying hold tight in your bare nakedness
while you're applying your skin so soft
I'll be the last dry off  to wipe off slow touching tweak
on water spots, close to drying spots
dayum if this towel could only speak
I be the super absorbency on your serenity
that's tickle of that last shower drop trickle
bringing your chesticles to full high beam on your mountains peak
just another reason
I'm explaining why I want to be

If I can only be your ring
the one on that clings
on the third finger next to pinkie on the left hand side
the one that have has the love connection through vein intersections 
flowing through our love lines
where placing rings on would be just the start
closing the tides, the distance is side by side
love signals shooting directly to your beating heart
a finders claim
a commitment followed by a last name
In God HE Says
announcing us
articulately pronouncing us,WE!
denouncing the last day of two single flesh,
to a union in front of a denomination
the glare and sparkle
that make you giggle to smiles that bubble
a happiness, no one could take from SHE
I want to give you the same attention you give to your ring
like the ring gives to you
that ring is me
to fit you properly
taking care of you responsibly
never having a reason of letting go of me
boasting and braggin and showing me
letting others approaching you know, they can't replace this thing
a glimmer that makes sunlight shimmer,
always falling in love til she cry
holding up in the sky close to the suns eye
even with undone nails, hands still looking fly
when she is sporting I....her ring
the day I presented the ring
on bended knee
you wear me
without leaving me
your ring
and that is me
the me that is.....

By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

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