Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


How well is your skills on me

Before you answer me
I need you to fill out this wavier please
First line is a conscent of what your taken
every hole is an option with no mistaken
Advil and KY on the table for ease and aching
mouth piece for your bite downs,
while the body is quivering and shaking
bottom line
where you will sign
a garuantee and warranty
My satisfaction is guranteed
and expansions, damages and stretches is under warranty

Now that you agree do you have the ability
spreading your pussy cat with leg locking agilities
while your mouth on my wigth times length utilities

8x3's they measure me
my arms are at lock, feet flat on the floor
strong back flexibility
with soft like lotion on nothern tissue
lips and my tongue exploring and conquering walls freely

See, this is not just a new position we are comparing
and sharing in front of BlogTalk
I'm trying to see how fast your legs will collasp
from my clamping lips and scrolling tongue
and that was just a small application from me
eating thee on your hands is how you'll walk

I guess you thought with your hoover like skills
and BJ's like if lips could kill
then I would die with erection
while body stands still
I'm the extended version of a viagra pill
my contributions for extended usage
giving me more hours to produce some orgasmic/ejaculated spills

dayum you good though
and you know I love good head so....
so I lift one hand, keeping balance man
and placing it on back of your head
and forcing me up working dick down into your throat's that for show man

I feel you pulsating
want to look so bad how my face is buried in between you place
my moanin in baretones
makes air pockets loudly escape
you giving me joy with your legs and ass jigglin
causing orgasmic quivering similar as a six speed vibrate
its too late
I'm not stopping to I get that rewarding taste
hurricane tongue rolls
I even rub your clyt with my nose
slurping and sucking
and tip taping your back hole
no time to come up for air
without your cream wasting on the floor

look at you half assing the job
so I have to pushup mi waist
i dont feel your tonsil
you didnt take a moutful
if I bust off my off load
its going blast heavier than high pressure hose
warm fires to mouth down the throat
you earned your pearl necklace
protein mustache on your face

Hitting thug hard, while man soft
of course I and I the Gemini
meaning two I's
You jus had a menage tois

its been a minute
I'm devouring your kitty
like the release of 30 year convict
I'm smashing to win
I'm licking to get it in
yeah she moanin
screaming she cummin
fall to the floor
left my erupting throttle
now she is in a fetile, with her pussy uncontrollable spittin!

keep your balance! Registered & Protected

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