Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm, I am the name that you can say so freely
when your mind comes clear of me
that's when...
inspiration, starts to become the introduction to my nick name
see I remind of you of everything going wrong
so let me explain

Feelings hurt, or should I, as a man, feel some shame
that I'm only a thought through works of painted art
and tainted leakage through pen drops
but my way of treating you, is far from where your mind stops
see your heart may beats to a Congo for me
but when its near me,
well it beats in fear when its here with me, then those loving beats drop
and I'm not sure, if you're praying at the door way before you walk in
or do you anoint my surroundings when I'm not looking
cause the truth is

You and I are looking for a one good day after another
I don't even bother
with 1500 plus cellular minutes to use
my unlimited texting shows 6577 in the month of June
and that's not the good days and reflecting back to good times
those are the unclosed  for the arguing days of petty grays
the nonsense, that's now starting to make sense
so we should have made some kind of sense that day
and like a new pair of slacks unhemed
I need to fix this problem
and get things slightly aligned until its straight
but how can I make such a move
when it feel like I'm Hilary Clinton having a Sarah Palin debate
nah, let me wait
I'll take that back
but let us attempt to be exact... or either on the same page

your diaries of penmanship's shared on pages
graduating and making its way on stages
are plots of confessions that you claim out of your mouth
"it was never written about you, or for you"
I didn't mention your name
So do I feel this much guilt when every line silently calling my name
if wasn't directed towards me
how come days later in a confession of how your feeling indirectly towards me through poetry
I won't take battling a thin line of love and hate
strings hanging, material coming apart like our love
we need to sew together this dividing towards separation
stitch it up, fix this up and for this loving Alteration.

By LeRoy Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

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  1. Very heart felt...we express our inner feelings in our writing that's where we admit our truth