Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It has come to this
war of the words and these words against the world
truth is, you ain't ready to hear the message we spit
expressing are deepest thoughts from mind to pen
open books letting lose closed spirits,
beating hearts bump to everything we vent

they don't want to advertise us
they don't want to televise us
listeners are afraid to subscribe to us
politicians don't want to ride with us
they beep are messages, "its in God we trust"
but you can't convince the devils helpers
so are words will eventually die with us

see no wants to hear clearly, so they make noise while we are speaking
very few want us to demonstrate proof to what we are reading
the scary truth is
that we speak truth in volumes
so they block all sounds, when they fear what they are hearing

liars representing the public want to;
sensor our words
gag our mouths,
cut off our tongues
inject us with hallucinates to make us forget!!
What we think, has to stay trapped in the undergrounds we run
they should never meet the surface
or touch the radio air ways
because someone might just listen

Our every word is combine to form lines
and these very lines end with action words
that end in rhyme
rhymes are reason to bring you back to define the last line
are reasons need no reasons when we recite and write
on the dotted line

I heard the pen is mightier than the sword
though when we're collabing with the tongue
it always seems to cause damage, while striking cords
Its funny how we are all free to speak our minds
but what comes out of our mouths,
seem to instigate verbal wars
and with these restrictions
poetry is the beginning of hurt and truth
oppositions are forming enemies
by creating haters through spoken word youths
with untruthful scores of hated words
through rappin spoofs

truth speaks volume, as lies influences minds
truth hurts ratings, but empty venues are on the rise
filled seats mean profits
cancelled shows, is a lost of ap publics interest
leaves your viewers going for an exit to catch an artist message
spoken word is a gain to add names to minds at lost
lost is when we make up the majority of listeners
listeners are the seat fillers, paid billers,
insuring you, your poetry venues don't get lost

we are spreading like diseases,
for a wild flower we are agitating weeds
we are your commercials
inserts in books you read
we are the exhale and inhales
the hungry wants before your needing
we are the cuts, and then the band aids
when words inflict pain to wounds that are bleeding
we revive you, when you die on us speaking your thoughts
I guess we are the reason why you're still breathing

I'm reaching out to all my poets
I know of the struggles sometimes
make your heart hurt like mine
cause we are force to hold back what we think and say,
this inner connection to what we feel displays on face
bodies filled with wordily suppression
heart pumps for oxygenated expression
thoughts are release in messages and make some kind of connection
these expression start with us saying
saying produces sounding of words
words we speak to become spoken heard
Fear of hearing makes outsiders neglect us
it took this long for readers and listeners to accept us
slipping on the tongues has leaders rejecting us
So why the fuss???
you created this mis guided madness
procreating off springs to help you correct your issh
now your disappointments make you mad
starring at your wrong doings, might make you laugh
but your laugh in darkness is frown formed like sadness
just admit it,
there's more of us forming in your futures past
don't go against us, jump on the wagon in your path

Let the poets speak messages in poetry,
cause the truth is

By LeRoy Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


  1. yes it is...have you ever thought about putting a recording of your delivery with these? well spun man....

  2. That's that piece, no doubt, Luv iT!