Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, December 16, 2011


You must be African/Goddess of the mother land
Cause only skin with that kind of beauty

Must come from the purest of Sierra Sands/
I'm a wondering man
Looking to have your hand
It was God's plan

I know HE must be shaking his head with pride/
cause he added too much sugar and spice/
with everything nice/
He's actually jealous-
that you're not by his side/
Prideful woman of waters clear as falls from- melting glaciers/
The day you enter my life,/
was the day you made this man from a boy,
and a sinner to a savior/
the answer to my sleeping prayers/
let me look through the 12 month calendar
to see which days in the year
is dedicated to ISIS day, The birth of my Rib
looking forward to celebrate to end of my days
A wonderful sculpture you are
a radiant light in reflection/
you put a smile and warmth on the sun's face
even the moon comes out during the daytime-
just to receive such vibrant affection/
I never seen beauty captivate makeup aisles/
from just your smile
Where Products bow

as you walk by/
Lotions stand in a perfect line/
hoping you pick them to grace your skin/

in ethnic foundation without make up lines
unbelievable to mans eyes
its no surprise when I....say

You are a flower surrounded by roses
So I call you my "Star Gazer Lilly"/
the gift to me /
that was born from the side of me/
I would give another bone for you
in my body just to make another clone of you/
just to wake up to you all over again,
with you laying beside me
I sleep to a dreamers dream,/
so in my dreams your kisses-
give my lips something to moan too/
Setting my heart alarm to you/
so I can get up early than you/
to look down as you sleep-
and continue to adore on you/

Mi Amore Tu'
I love you more than my first and last day on earth/
and for the time I spent and wasted without you-
the tax return of you to me,
was indeed my money's worth/
Would it be over doing it
if I greeted you on my knees/
bow to you like a servant
kissing your hand in stealing taste of a dairy queen/
Rise by your command/
stand proud as your man/
and rule in our first born land (Africa)/
I can see it,/
I'm your King,You're my Queen/
but you'll be the words I'm speaking/
the strength and inspiration to a kingdom I leading/
We can start our on tribe/
that will walk on trails/
and not on trials/
Speak on truths/
not spoken with lies/
and no faults will truth on false/
that makes you my queen and my spiritual walk/
and not the tail end of a cold mans heart/


queen of seduction through verbal stimulation's/
you got my soul on fire where the very tip of my standing volcano,
has me erupting,-
but only through your bodies communication/

no penetration
I just pen for relation....ships


Can you kiss me like you do in my dreams/
where your lips have a hold on me like hands/
your tongue moves through my mouth like
a tribal dances/
and when you release your lips from mine/
I taste fruits when I lick, exhaling in hot /
and I inhale in the hottest cold creams/

Why life is a waste without you/
I know I can't do without you/
you are the MADE in mankind/
a lost treasure worth the find/

and the earth is motherless without you
Ebony queen

please continue to be

our mothers
and the weight of our race
the Queen to me

............................My ISIS!
 BY LeRoy (TNW)Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

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