Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, January 3, 2014


I was sippin on wine, passing the time
thinking in my mind
that Dayum!
Lately I become the fine line
on a list of prime time
of performers,
rating from 1-20
but I was pen in at #6, called at 19
the second to the last one on a performing
Speaks try to warn me
and I don't mind
in fact...
I get it
I'm okay with being alright
not quite the best 
in quest of lyrical fresh in spittin
even my introduction as 
the network foe
the behind the scene poetry hoe
but a poet
spoken word artist
ain't quite on the list of one's favorites
Spending so much time with
promoting your spot
making your network hot
but to get that same feed back
on what I got?
Probably NOT!
I get the big picture
which is more than me being in someone's
cellphone pictures
or facebook pictures
instagram don't mean a dayum
until I comment on your pictures
so picture this
I did more features then creatures
hosted more venue's than most performed in
have more poems and performing
than porn stars films they porned in
if promoting and visibility was shown on crest
I would have more badges for poetry
then boyscouts  have across their chest
so fuck being the best
I'm a higher award then that
is called being passionate
And as far as my background
I'm getting chased by jealousy and envy
like niggas being chased around
by guns and basset hounds
I know 
this is bit profound
from a clown
who is known as the grammar and error
I no longer use poems as my sword
its my voice with slashing tongues
trust and believe, 
It's been know to be a higher weapon
and without you second guessing
I believe when I end this piece
I will be ending performing a piece
No longer will have to 
build my congregation
or be present on others arrangement
set myself up for awkward situations
because I've come to this conclusion
no more signing up
promoting up
supporting, well I can't give that shit up
but the other things I will pass
before I step up stage
I'll read out of minds not my page
phone calls and texts only for my PDA
but I refuse to be the number 1's, number 2's ass
So before you sign me in
or pen me in
consider me first on the list
just don't call TwistNWordz up second to last.....

TwistNWordz Registered & Protected

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