Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I love you,
and as much as I want to move fwd-
in the pursuit for you
there are detours, that have me on all fours
not like a dog, but becoming your stepping stool
walking all over me, while I'm walking next to you
but I have this problem
my problem is you have a UN-delegated power
to get me to submit and allow you to get this far with me
so here is the problem,
before it becomes a lovers win
its a task to act on faith
before we lust from sin
thinking love was a disease,
I try to deny this deficiency
I'm lost, being guided by the heart
like I'm a love sick zombie
because....YOU, YOU CAN HURT ME

Not blowing your head up
with this "BRAGGING RIGHTS" on your gift
don't want you to think too hard
on this armor your come with
but I've let you go further deep with me
then the Great Wall of China, has length
why let this go any further,

Now I know its not your goals
to wake up one day and have this control
hurt builds a new person,
that new person developing a stronger soul
but lessons are not learned from hurt
it just builds a tolerance of adjusting to hurt
it gives those who has experienced hurt
to hurt less today, and prepare for tomorrow
so I'm your first step to see if you can trust again
but your abusers left spirits in you
now you are the abuser over the victims
and instead of getting him, you evict him
convict him, like your past convictions
hiding to the world you were once a victim
playing the defense to break down emotional fences
and destroying any thoughts of feeling
so you'll let them feel and continue to watch
with no feeling

While I identified my flaws
as much as I want to leave
I keep riding around in circles back to you
like someone burried my draws
the further your heart is from me
the more mine leans, while my mind leaves
This could be a lesson for woman to see
if you want him to stay
just ignore his feelings
the harder you play
the more he will chase
it seems like your doggin him
but that behavior keeps a dog in place, (A woman's best friend)
So I keep my love protected like a condom
though protection is only 98.5 effective
I got to continue to my service, as if it was selective
my objective, is not to stand for getting hurt,
as if love was an elective....course
You do have the ability
whether its your plan to hurt, physically or mentally
see I'll be that ass to stay,
and deal with this heart breaking abusing
I'll take my chances, until romance becomes a healing
in the mean time
I LOVE YOU, even though

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

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