Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, April 15, 2011


I live a lovely life style catered to one
I mean I buy what I need,
my savings are never over drawn
credit cards never exceeds..........
my limits!

It didn't dawn on me until I starting dating,
you know,
taking in a little responsibility
that I didn't fit in my financial capability
to take care of you, me and future creditability.
I mean its easy to make a budget consisting of you,
saving for plans ahead featuring.....YOU
having nothing to worry about every payday
cause you have enough saved to last you 90 days
even got it set when it comes to raining days
but this is just stability built for one

stability is a a comfort zone
so you lack the learning experiences of SHARING
groceries plentiful for one,
toiletries last more than two months,
nothing that compliments one and two
only temporary amenities
almost like over nite stays
but most of the time they bring their own stuff anyway


I'm in a bind,
certain bills are falling behind
some increased with added usages
my income looks like outcomes,
I'm not quite use to this
pockets are tighter than skinny jeans
my bank accounts haven't held deposits in green.....lately
all the white letters are turning pink
phone calls are no longer friends,
my friends don't have 800 numbers,
well I think

Gas is rising faster than my car can move
speaking of which
rent is going up
so I think I need to pack and move, pack and move
started this financial spreed sheet
don't live by months no more
more like days of the week

dating has declined
so I took on a second gig
I'm living on a thin line
it's been a month since I shaped up my wig
only dollar specials found in my frig
plenty of DVDs with no cable in the crib
I hate how I live
plus the Acura is making a funny noise
and you know how high the repair figs......can be

STAB ility,
feel like recession all by myself
strugglin like the disable trying to walk
but pride keeps me from asking for help
haven't tried to pray
I feel my problems are only minor delays
I hate this
so embarrassed,
I could only write this

F it, I'm too poor to post this
I'll write later when I can afford it


By LeRoy Goetzendanner

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  1. def feel you...put prayer has and alwys be my source for strength...def no what feels like 2 go from grade A to rock bottom cuz of a relationship...#betterdaysahead :)