Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

POSITIONS.......27/30 (NPM)

Come through the door
no need for announcements
my clothes are half way off
barge into the room and rip yours off
Don't need your conversation
just your waist to my face
and my waist you'll be facing
oral fixating
rewarded with facial fellatio presentation
yeah I know I'm being nasty
lets get past that
licking aggressive says, " can I get that'?
no need to answer
whine your body while its suspended in the air
show me you're a Jamaican dancer
I feast, lick, suck, finger and pull on it
you go deep poll I feel your throat on it
loud suctions, heavy secreting,
moaning in ungrateful prayers, "oh Jesus",
I can't stop eating this
at the tip of climax
I throw you back upon the head
crawled down your body continue to feast between legs
suffercating, your thighs squeezing my head
position my body with a pointed tool at you
gyrating my waist all over you
flipped me over
you on top of me with aggression
inserted me into your tightness
taking all in your possession
no time for recession
my muscle gets wider to every stroking
hands embedded skin on hips
body ark in the direction of eyes rolling
positions you only see in porno's
Karma Sutra has not scribed on lines
pumpin in awkward set ups
you riding with my legs up
side ways with you in L shape leg ups
no time for us to let up
wind blowing breeze through window
as air lays cold to all our exchange in fluids
we keep doing it until rawness
it makes it hurt so good
exploding in releases that can cause a tears to fall
laying there paralyze, with blank stares in our eyes
heavy breaths is all that is left of us
as we laid in soiled sheets
wind blows harder while window blinds slaps against pane
like applause in a concert hall
at least 11 positions
each serving less than 7 minutes per stroking
trying to say something in gratitude for what happen
but mind is trying to figure out what did happen
to weak to move
legs are shaking with little juices running from you
dehydrated from yelling, biting and sucking our flesh away
barely made it out of this dream,
punctuality was cheap, arrived at work late
the point is..
We will do it again, as soon as we ease last nights pain

F it,
lets get back to 20 more positions, as soon as I walk through
the door way...


By LeRoy Goetzendanner

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