Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

DON"T KNOW WHO I AM..........28/30 (NPM)

Sitting there looking stupid
cause right about now
my mind is silenced
not comprehensive to what I'm suppose to respond when...
they call on me
introduce me as:
Mr Goetzendanner
who eles
what else
stop it
stop please, stop it
hearing all the names at the same time
but WHO AM I?
a man born with four names before ending it with the third
started writing with little time to recite my shyt
gave me the name of Tongue twist n U,
than left the scene wrapped myself in a cocoon and became twist n words
making love to my woman I always want to hear her call my name
but I use so many different names I dont know what to hear
she calls me by my nick name
I get confused,
forgetting WHO AM I
jump up say,
"who is this dude"?

Senarios next past two
at a spoken word spot
the place was madd packed
the poets was so hot
13 on the list
not sure who or what name I wrote
next poet going once,
going twice
up next is the feature poet
my homies looked at me
like dude why didn't you jump on stage
looking in confussion, they didnt call my name
but they did,
Who am I?

Copyrights application to set my name in stone
ready to drop this book of emotional 30 day pieces
I had this all done on my own
First I had to put my name
include all information, when, what and where is the place
finally at then I had to sign my name
push the button for send
but the process wouldn't begin
they said resend
the names dont match
I looked up
then down
as I was stuck on that
not sure now which name I'm going to be submitting
government, nickname, or the stage name when I'm spitting
so I re-did the app
and put all names that applied
got the title for the copyrights
now the book name has changed
and it was called
WHO AM I?????

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

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  1. Me likey. At times we do get confused with all that we are called...but stay true to you and not what they want you to be :) A name is a name...The real YOU is imprinted in our minds and souls...