Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

GETTING WET...........16/30, (NPM)

Forecast  says rain all day,
and babe I know how you feel on those days
especially if its a going to get your hair did day
but can we interrupt your routine
take off your tiara and your mabeline
spontaneous actions with this falling rain
can I see how you look all drenched and wet
cold liquids falling from the heavens,
my Ecstasy of letting lose lets open this can of sex
starring at you as your raisin brown nipples protruding through silk blouse
rain drops down the side of your face, giving your dry Mac,
a smile like wet lip gloss on your mouth

let me touch you, from behind
let my swellings touch you, from behind
some sensual about being drenched
I say play your favorite love song in your mind
and let us sway and switch

let me turn you around,
lips dive into your neck
your grasp, followed by laugh
while you grabbing the back of head
push me slowly down
to knees down
face to waist to linen expose G-string out
my favorite boy short is in turquoise revealing
pull out the knot in drawing strings,
free willing
your leg raises like a crane
then hooks down on my shoulder
your hand slides down brown and round
and disappear in your Vickies....I love ya

dry grinding in falling rain
I carry you inside
and take you to the balcony
so anyone and every one can see
lowering pants
me ease up with mi limb
and we do this sexual dance

this scene reminds me of the surprising down pour
while walking the sands on South Beach
people running for cover
while we standing there kissing
your sun dress was wet
my linen outfit was wet
both decided to go commando
so everybody knew what we weren't wearing under clothes
I rush you against the wall
like the back alley scene in 9  1/2 weeks
hips gyrating like a Jamaican Dance hall queen
your internal wet mixed with outside wets
made sexing outside become a dry scene

back to the balcony, you and me
me backs hotting, to putting your back out
felt so good to have wet shoulders in  my mouth
moans with grunts commanding me
demanding me to dig deep
passer byers with umbrella watch WE
like the sex scene in CRANK,
cheering and applauding me
that voyeur actions only made me thrust faster
tug hair just a little harder
smacking ass cheeks much harder
she turning over her shoulder with eyes much wider
saying OMG,
this watching making you harder

forget about the hair day
the line suit by Versace
make up running like fresh spray painted murals
not something the neighbors are use too
but they keep their TV's on weather channels
so they can set their calenders and clocks
the next showing on HD, balcony and US in see through....


By LeRou Goetzendanner

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