Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My Promising Heart

So you think I don't love you
That I don't care for you
That I don't value your time
Appreciate you in my life
Let us take the time to evaluate my love
Now I'm giving you twenty questions to ask me
But I can only answer them on bended knee
Hands at pray
And eyes closed with head held high
Ask me if I love
Wait to I finish my pause
while waiting on God to call
Give you the answers through my spirit
Cause I love all
But I'm in love with you
How much do I love thee
Well if you love God like I do
That's how much I love WE
I care for you like my nights I sleep
To the time I rise with praise
You say I don't value your time
That we don't do anything
Try to remember back to our last date
A great date
When we were dancing and singing
In the Lords name
We held hands down the aisle
Fell to our knees
And gave ourselves to him
Now I don't know about you
But I will never forget that day
Remember studying together
How we talk about our meeting
And how our relationship grew by the days
Like the first 6 days of Genesis
Where each day was appreciated by God
And approved how our love was saved
And on the 7th day
Three months later
We made love in the middle of fields
Dividing the U.S. capital from the Monument
And even though we were caught by police
The Lord almighty did not punish us for sharing our secrecy
Under his light, by his approving eyes
Remember the first time we both cried
Fell onto each shoulder until we looked into each
Others swollen eyes
and said I love you
Never once was I challenged to question your love
I saw it through your smile when I was around
I felt your beat heart even when I worked
50 miles across town
So devil brought you up
When you woke up
And made you question us now
Now I pray
So at the end of your questions
And my final answer ends with I do
The clouds will separate
The birds will sing with the harps played by angels
The ray of light casting through the curtains of my window
The spotlight is on me and you
Yes I love you
And I will always love you
This I do
I back it with my heart
My spirit
And its sign, sealed
With an official heavenly stamp of approval
On the bottom it says
I love you, and He does too
In God we trust!

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

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