Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

THE DIVIDE.............

The only thing that keeps this love from growing
is the emotional walls we keep building
torn between a obstacle of hurt and healing
we dreamed to feel again
instead of living in nightmares of failures.
Vibes and connections are always right
so at small levels we might lower our guards
but our defenses are stronger than holding cells in Alcatraz
so like in football
when a play or move goes wrong
we start throwing up red flags
which causes us to add more bricks to our love Tetris
We aren't afraid to love once again
but we fear the consequences of loving and not being loved
we began to analyze things with our self insecurities
our heart becomes an HR process for every application
as our heart loses the key elements that makes us this way
EAT, taking away from our hEArT, eating away our desires
not wanting to consume the smell and taste of love
and how one point,
we believed that love
love was healthy to our mind, body, and soul
but now
we store love away like damaged bags on a luggage rack
hoping to encase it in a ice box that can never be re opened
but baby, I'm just as scared as you
and on my side of the wall
its filled with feelings in graffiti poems on how much I love you
See I'm ready to take this emotional sledge hammer
and use it to break down the wall between us
so my hammer can be an lovers bow and arrow
with a target going through your heart and into mine
while we embrace and it strikes us both with love at the same time
We can either take a chance to move foreword
or keep building to a wall going nowhere
can we compromise a solution?
Lets multiply and continue to add on
not keep subtracting us to this wall of DIVIDE....... Registered & Protected

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