Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Monday, January 31, 2011

PINK SLIP..........


Served by a coward who couldn't face me and serve me
telling me this was my last day to hold a position
that really you didnt give to me
but the Boss God gave to me
said " your love was weak,
your love dont live here......anymore
you were a fantasy
your love dont live here........anymore
slowly slipping back in2 the shell this turtle took so long to come out of
finally finding a reason without explanation to commit in relations
adding in my vocabulary the word LOVE
isnt hard enough for a man to find a job
now this
getting fired from emotional foundation
gratuities of live in sexual relations
now I have to go back to steal or rob..........all the above
only a notice like this would make me raise my hand to GOD
and curse him for his failures and not mine
was there a plan for this honest man
who portrayed the birth right of a black night
a dreaming queen hope to find
or was that your way
to let the devil pave
images of success just to test my faith
so later today, standing in my way
that pink slip of dimissal,
flashed in my eyes and signed by the Eve of lies
and your broken heart check will be in the mail today
Eviction from a love I lead the way to build
setting a foundation
based on recommendation
from blessings above
that nodded his head saying "its all good by my will"
ask me if I ever doubted love
doubted the feeling of feeling good about love
question my faith on God guiding me to love
hopelessly diminishing in the puddles of tearful lies
cuz after my termination
i'm still in love with your love
I try to walk backwards and speak in the sounds of records playing in reverse
so I can find the signs and red flags that I over looked
and could have prepared from that warning day
of the future present of getting hurt
I want to just give up
packing my things already packed for me
and fall to my knees and start praying without looking up
selling my soul to a second chance to dance around a angel
that was'nt created out of my rib
to cater in a dream of Eden
where in fabricated lies, fires and hells is where I live
these are the days of a man that you may never see love again
the same man of the first ancestor who wishes the dayum of a vital bone, that gave birth to a woman
see the role I played
I got played by the role that I normally played
my attentive heart
was backed handed by the neglecting characteristic
of I, another type of man I would have betrayed
no more applying for a position that truthfully aint made for a man
no longer offering my hand to a waiting hand
that was never my birth giving plan
I'm going to incase the heart in stone
revive the man that walk with the cold
and grow old to selfish and independent bones
no love
just re-issuing the pink slip that was given to me
fuck love!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner(TNW)


  1. got wicked flow man...i feel the intesity as well...

  2. Man, BMiller, you to kind fam! Thx, just reaching deep and taking my time with my thoughts before I speak!