Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011




Could a kiss have gone any further
without regret
slowly removing our clothes
proceeding a lot further than
you seeing me as I am
and I seeing you as you are

I know we can be
blushing with eyes down on me, should we.....
silence our thoughts and brake the ice
if you were not scared
and I was not concern
would you have stayed that night
in my bed and laid that night
try to connect with my erect
and you clawing to sheets from me opening your tight

you buried your head down in my chest
hoping the moonlight would not peek in
spotlight to your face
and showing off your squinting painfully express
holding me close
so I don’t see your bareness
shaking to receive me
and getting over the shy like stress

would you have stayed the night after that kiss
can you stop looking at the time
will you touch me like this
can I touch you like this
keep kissing me
don’t worry where I place your hands
concentrate on me and not where I lay my hands

dayum you are so tempting
thru kisses we see numbers that seems miles apart in range
your eyes open during tongue exchange
when your hand grasp my lower frame
my eyes open to call your name
when I slide between and I feel the blessings of seeps
from your untouched drain

me, shy + your shy keeps us at just touching
I ease foreword as you slip back
your eyes tear with NO in them
but your minty whisper says yes

shy turns me over
and kiss me more over
she guides my key
to a her well shut door
Her back arched in a Bally type form
her tears fell to my abs like sweats in scores

I bit on my lip like OMG
she is tight
much tight for the God I call, "HARD"
she fallen foreword when it was deep within
said I love you
and again
and again and again
never made it past connection
didn’t move
left us less possibilities of sexin

why are you really hear
she looked
with watered filled eyes
my heart is yours
do your see it through my tears
I'm grown
you're grown
we are

Silent........ sweet silence
showing no more shy fears!!!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner


  1. Oh this is in fact a beautiful and inviting shyness...
    Love your writing, Twist!