Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


A flavor that you would not find on a wine list
a chill that would have your summer air seeing winter mist
A kiss that wets your desires,
ignites fires within
leaving you with only a reminder on your pallet
Her name was Blush and what a rush I got from heart skipping beats
to me studdering when I speak
and things down below rised beyond its peak

Blush had a physique of a curvacious Reisling bottles
my kinda nubian top model
made every eye that saw her glide, take long & slow swallows
put my head above the clouds with pride
cause I was outside, with a venus as my bride,
that made clouds aligned themselves to the sun
making a heavenly smile in the sky

just saying her name makes my mouth water
in no particular sequencial order
lips tingle cause I keep thinking about the first taste of
her sweet liquids that kissed me back
she drained me and filled me in just one contact
I was like a school boy under the cherry tree getting that first kiss
and when I got it
I didnt know how to act

she had a colors that cinnamons got jealous of
caramels would lean in to compare
only to fall in love
she was a Goddess from a Blush
a cool with a heated rush
hell if I could sing
I would have stood up
holding her name and her frame
until I made sweet songs in poems come up

you were just a memory of yesterday I'm trying bring into today
and maybe stay with me pass tomorrow
she is kind to my heart
Blush gave me a reason to a poetic start
so why today I feel so thirsty yet dry
and my quencher is half past hollow

I need yesterday back,
I need the rush of the purchase
and first taste
the satisfaction
and the longing first time reaction
to Blush
the best intoxication I ever had
and looking to having again!

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