Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, January 7, 2011

WRAPPED TIGHT.............

One cloth less to being naked
skirt to high for bruthas, with derogatory  plots to take it
appearing in public with just a bra on
low riders jeans, thigh highs skirts, to show your thongs
pretty toes all jacked up by the age of 21
gravity setting in, D's going flat, until we notice none
looks all caked up
in Mac make up
went from 16 that day at the club looking over twenty one

Fellas your age is no longer your speed
looking at man, with a car, house, money he can throw for free
you like poppin bottles
whispers in your ear that you are top model
waking up with headaches and aches down below waist
with cash on the night stand, and note saying "take a cab home"

repeat your routine all week
man from last night look at you saying, " you know me?"
worn out goods
a princess gone hood
can't get back your serenity
public don't care about your dignity
you ain't a star but you parade in see through clothes with humility
a child in the head, while the body that is way pass maturity

when will you slow down
babe you need to slow down
stop being the girl in the hoe down
traveling in the city the part where you go down
walking on air, you know, legs up when you lay down
cant see a face when your at a waist, or laying face down

stop looking at TV and learning from magazines
thinking you can shake it to make it
skipping prom queen to be a porn queen
no 401k plan to lap dances and doing pole scenes

why must you live a life on degrade
whats the rush, to be a woman,
when the best is coming
shawty wait
your time is coming believe me I know it
keep up the good grades of getting A's
and not waiting to past the test in getting Aids
its not too late
become the princess to queen
no more do you have to wear a baby T saying DEMEAN!

wrap it up, don't wrap it tight
cause your day will come
when you will be respected right

Just Focus!!!!!
By LeRoy Goetzendanner

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  1. OUCH....This one hit sooo close to home...I see these "girls" everyday all day....Its sad...They need to be taught self love and self respect....In a lot of these cases, these girls have been hurt by men...Raped and/or molested so this is all they know....But they need to stand up and overcome....

    This one is deep....very deep...the truth hurts