Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Monday, February 7, 2011


I mis-placed my thoughts immediately after my heart was crushed
my pen couldn't perform for me, my blood was no longer a rush
sitting in corners pretending like a man can't cry
didn't think about how you felt every time I told a lie
convinced myself that I can fix this
fix this broken situation from pieces smaller than powder
screaming out your name, but the demons in my head speaks louder

so instead be a leading man
in your life
I became the misleading plan
by the knife

constantly bringing forth my promises in his deception
played around with your trusting serenity,
unrehearsed spreadings from hidden affections
Yeah I stand tall as if I was man
cause I stood tall on arrogance shadowing my erections
taking you down the punishment of demonic poisons
leading us way beyond the blankets of unprotections

every stroke to your waist
was lies of. " it will be ok"
and kiss to your soul
tore down your emotional walls
while spreading away your saving space

setting free fires of procreating seeds
as my mouth murmurs I love you
knowing when I put out, I'll be pulling away
and denial would be all the fertilization you knew

abandonment immediately after our desire evaporates
re flashes of combustion, in words before we separate
I hate this side
blaming it on the zodiac sign representing the twins
lies painted good pictures of bi polar innocence
no need to pretend
every meeting is a plot with soothing poetic words
lies to cover up the truths, earning a extensions
towards a reality for hurt

I want to act like I care
but I'm a actor who walks like
talk like
portraying the role that I care
and as you stare their looking through me
with suicidal tendencies
seeing if I could flinch when your razor eyes cut through me
hoping I cry when oral fixiations in gnawing greetings
would bring upon pain on my face, while starring at me bleeding

but I show no sign
watched you slowly die
and parish in the puddles that soiled the place you were rocking in
smiling with tears,
no need to look towards recovering

slowly dying
to very poem that brought you here
listening to my performance
now I know what brought your heart near

swollen eyes that shed only dry tears
of love broken hearted
the false imaged love in pretending
A image of fabricated love,
I could have prevented!!!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner


  1. This was great...and oh so true about most of us...we all have that other side...Our agendas remain hidden until we chose to reveal...

    I love the flow of this...