Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Looking past my backyard
across busy streets
beyond flowing bodies of waters
crossing borders of distant lands
skipping across the equator
and facing the back of my head

I'm in search for her
looking for that sign of deliverance
praying on that blessing
hoping to to wake up with one rib less than I went to sleep with

Is she out there

should I continue my mental voyage
for closure to a long awaited search
that my heart beated in pounding communication
a distress signal of wanting
a silent whistle for the needing
will love answer my cry
and come to my place
surround my space
and call my foundation her new home

Is she listening

Without talking and speaking in silent prayers
I reach to the highest maker
to take a hand full of sand
mixed with my donated rib
and your now here for me to wake up to
to be ideal with on her own mind
to know her role by compromise
to save my soul from fading
recessatate my heart from flat lining

Is she searching too

The day I was born, I was born for you
not by arrangements
some kind of ritual or engagement
I mean we were born for one, individually in two
as I dream,
I hope your dreaming
when I pray
I know your praying
when I love
you are already in love
when will this dream end
the day I pull you out of subconsciousness
like Freddy
and make a dream come true
it is
it always, was you

Still straing into nowhere
hoping to snap out into somewhere
and distorted visions becoming clarity
because I see you here......

By LeRoy Goetzendanner


  1. Beautiful! I think deep down, everyone is in search of the same...well most...This sounds like something I could have written...Kinda feeling this way....

  2. i think she is...sometimes it is just a matter of time...or timing...