Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


You were and always be my love

A honesty to live life

A way to enjoy love

I breathe every aging moment of your being

Your existing is far more than a meaning

A prayer when those wish for that,

Now I’m seeing to believing

An Investment to a death do us part retirement plan

I am you King, your leading man

I stepped up and took the role

Of your father and mother

With a promise to them to keep you protected & whole

You do make me happy

But you are far from the source of my happiness

I’m starting to see

See futures of you possibly destroying that

I schooled to educate and learn us, just  knowledge for better futures

I worked

Working harder than our ancestors did without the torture attached

I build, with the very arms and legs

Shackles to chains, sweat through blood

A foundation for two that is slowly breaking my back

You never seen a man cry to you see a man die

I’m dying

And no love

No hold

No kiss to heal my pain

Can give me back the happiness you stripped away

Day by day

I pray and pray

Prayed sun up and sun down on days

Where the very woman who said she would loved me

The one who at night will lay with me

Has yet to kneel down and cry with me when I pray

I’m in love with you

But love never asked me to compromise my happiness

At some point that I purposely take a long route home

To count the very last minutes of happiness before

Walking through the front door

Too happy for this moment

Smiling and breathing with the wind

Shining and blushing with the sun

Leaving the practice of green

Which is happiness for me, a surviving need

Till I approach the dark clouded block

Enriched by smog and slum


Death grows in the plants that represent tombstones

Of those died trying

Passing signs that say, “you are now entering sadness & leaving Happiness”!

Like two different time zones my high noon, becomes howling midnights

Atmospheric changes from warm to cold

Trying to succeed happiness through love

Through a love one

Making them the source of your happiness

Watch my enlightening colors turn to black and white

As I cross the border of happiness to sadness

If this was lease on vehicle

I would gladly trade this uprising feeling

For the feeling of new happiness of me again

The morning I told you I love you

so many years ago,

Was the last day you ever heard or seen me again

Representatives sat in for me during the divorce

Cause I could not spoil this freedom of being happy again

While in minutes, we drop our heads to the decision of our marital end

When you find this happiness I found

And admit that it was never there

With us

Look over that rainbow across the way

Its now pot of gold at the end of it

It’s a man who’s world gleams in happiness

No more compromising the confusion of love

Making me happy

It was me,

It was me at all the time.

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

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  1. Man oh man...This feeling right here....You get to after your tired of being sick and tired....Tired of being unhappy...Happiness is yours for the taking...