Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



I lost consciousness of conscious sense
they say that this heart is not filled with an high of spirited men
They claim I'm selfish to others
and abusive to close friends
I heard rumors I'm the devils helper
Chanting OMEN instead of singing AMEN

What kind of character do I portray in the eyes of my colleagues
lowering my levels beneath the faith of my Deity
God please continue to shine on me
show these people I am not what you see
that I'm the same Ole G....
so tell them stop judging me

I don't need confirmation to my guided heart
I'm true to my spirit, sun is still shinning around this sinning cloud
I pray for others,
but I think I should pray for me
I give more willingly to others
never giving or saying thank you to me
I'm not a reference to tit for tat
but I seem to be hearing the opposite
do I have to listen to those ignorant voices
these so called ANGELS that be gossiping
Still a standing, 39 years in the waiting
I am a man that is with patience
sucking in my pride, keep my thoughts inside
I'm never be rewarded for my high abilities through low tolerance

Why do I feel like I'm reliving the pains of ancestors did in history
if I'm that bad of a person I seem be from turned in claims,
why doesn't these actions speak through my poetry

I'm not going to give up, nor going to let true friends walk out on me
I'm sitting here a man that cries,
a man that lies
in a two seater car, belonging to a one man ride
and still
I keep hearing voices say
that I'm doing me

Maybe I need to install more mirrors in my surroundings
not to look at myself in the split twin within
but to see that green is not my color,
that the mirror wont hide the true spirit of men
If I look hard enough, will I cry
or smile because I'm proud
looking at the image who was a donated seed of making me
procreating to HIM
continuance because of HIM
and what I recieve from the messages HE sends in my sleep

my pen does not produce ink
only ejects the fumes from the hurting stinks
that pollutes the air we breath in love
trying to write without flooding paper with tears,
when constantly my steady hand is shedding blood

Maybe I haven't quite found love for me
the same love I dance around in praises to my creater
pumpin out frost bitten love of a cold heart
with an attitude hotter than the equator

I'm going to close my eyes after my prayers
hoping the sin that lowered with me on bended knee
stands still in the postions of a prayer
that my subconscious body will breath heavenly
as the sin remaining on bended knee recieves that same blessing in layers
So I can wake up saying thank you
screaming " I care! I care!
and in my eyes, I will see angels in every passing host
and believe in my loyal focus, like I'm possessed by the holy ghost

I'm not that man,
I'm that better than
just stay in the pews and watch me
watch me ease on down
ease on down the road in dance
giving daps and clappin towards the ceiling
kissings hands, and raising others hands
its not over for me
as my dark clouds part like the red sea
and I walk slowly to my last days
GPS navigated


By LeRoy Goetzendanner


  1. Very nice :) We all feel this way from time to time...Until we stop hearing thier remarks or thoughts of you...We get tired of proving ourself and just be who we are regardless of what anyone else will think....God is our ONLY true judge....The ONLY person we nee to answer to. Everyone else's opinion is just that...and opinion

  2. This piece people can really identify with. It's easy to pick parts and say, wow, i fit right there! Powerful and thought provoking piece my friend!