Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm burning inside
constantly begging and pleading
while asking God
why o why?
What was your reason to interrupt what WE had
maybe it wasn't in your plan, done without your conscent
I'm trying to comprehend the bad

You took her from me
and offered her your hand and a secured love
and a life much better than me
giving her these unadulterated images
that made her bath in your waters to become pure again
and she said....
"if I needed your love", that I would come before him

But I see it will take more than that
I never seen so such happiness in your eyes when you whispered his name
couldnt understand your love for him, when you kneeled down and prayed
now your hidden talents are inspired
You're inspired to act on higher passions, I try to lead in exchangebale desires
cleansing her thoughts of communicating with love through the physical
sharing with her your love high, thats only sensual through your spiritual

Look at her,
look how she glows in her footsteps
watch how her smiles radiates, like a woman who is blessed
how can I measure up to that
should I walk the ways of the Lord to get her back

this nonsense

I'm sitting in a corner talking in tongues with liquid spirits
instead of lifting my spirits, getting the spirit,
"lost without you, can't help myself,
"how does it feel"....
Look at me
look how you have me singing love songs
on long nights of not having you put me to sleep
turning over on the side of my bed, checking my phone for a vibrate or beep
a tweet maybe
that one minute after 12 midnight call
the happening without planning
positioning without standing
I'm withdrawn, from withstanding
not understanding but overtstanding


I'm not a hater
nor am I a person that would stand in the way of
I send my congrats to that lucky man on bended knee and folded hands
re-evaluating my mission


why was I delivered to you in the first place
how can I clear my mind of you,
when you left so many so called, "sinful reminders", in my space
I'm tainted to a eternal feeling that was not meant for me
sitting in windows helplessly feeling the worst kind of guilty
cause with the right words,
saying hi in the right kiss,
an embrace in one day,  forced out of retirement of your sernity
a treasure that measured longer than your 401K savings
how good it felt to hear her withdrawning,
from deposits of me

What am I doing?

working the words the man downstairs gave to me
a second chance to to fulfill my goals
by the devils entitlement, "Words from the Soul"


I just have to let go
try real hard to let you go
stand in your shadows and not in your light
and watch you walk faithfully away
towards destiny...
a reform, a refresh, a rebuilt body
Mind, body, and soul
I give up sinfully trying


By LeRoy Goetzendanner


  1. This is very touching and heart felt. I feel your longing...