Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


You Still here with me (miss you dad)

A old poem for a missed friend!

Looking at the mirror, I still say Good morning to you,
though you are not here, my reflection is that of you,
I dress up nicely and put on the smell goods,
reminding me of your up keeps and cleansiness,
I cook breakfast and dinners and smell perfection,
of a good chef cooking for his family,
Own a luxury car, just like your style,
you had style, so I smile at that gift,
and when I smile, you smile back,
mirror still projects your image and not mine.
Its hard being called by your first and last name,
I still look around to see if you would answer when you're called.
I see the pride in your eyes when I'm in uniform,
the same pride you carried when you are wearing yours.
The only reason I could ever be a good father,
Well, look down on me, you don't need an explanation,
its the pass on to offspring from generation to
Though every 24th of March your birth,
every 16th of October of your leaving,
I still cry to this day, 18 years and counting.
Some pray on the father,
but I pray to you father, as your serve the highest
positions with the higher FATHER.
I know you and LeRoy Sr are very proud of LeRoy 3rd.
I even have the talent you have in poetry, that thing
you pass down to me in spoken word
This will be read to millions, heard by more.
We all wish you happy birthday and many more.
Your still here with me..
some that know you, can still see it,
some that see me, then will believe it,
the things I do, they say thats your dad doing that,
I live with pride, I love until I cry,
I miss you with hurt inside,
to still see you,
through my watery eyes
You are and forever will be

Still here with me....

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

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