Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Monday, January 20, 2014



Poetry icons
are dying, who will lead us

HipHop word artist?

I'm afraid ya'll

waking up this morning
from a dream-ality
that poetry has lost its swag
putting up wanted posters
with a poets silhouette and question marks in the center
saying, POETRY, please "I want you back"
In fact
let me build a time machine 

to take me back to 1969-1973
Where words were secret messages
for revolutions towards the movement
for all black people in urban streets
where we combined poems & stages with congos
English literature mixed with street slang 
was considered lingo
where the creation of swahili 
was taught to us how to speak African
in our America homes
Hey poetry,
I know you are hearing me
I'm missing you, 
I need you to speak
and I as poet
I am afraid
that the poetry that use to be
is fading away
where new artist, 
with new styles and messages
are scarring others from touching the stage
now we slammin for wage
because the new art,
the spoken word art
claims a poet by
the amount of fans 
voice in cadence in commands
and how much this demoted rap star
is getting paid 
and now it's way over our heads
arrrticuuuuulaaaaatttting specific words they be speaking
so they get that "Say dat" finger snaps
and clapping hands
while dropping mics
after they did that.....
but what did they do,
and what did they say
all I see is you making it hard
for the next artist 
veterans or new comers to ROCK the stage
shutting down newbies with your fire recital 
having them hiding

their notebooks, papers or PDA's 
before signing the list & touching the stage
See from eye sight
which ears hearing recite life
right at the mic in the lime light
the audience is looking for the artist welling
the conscious acts mixed with swearing
because the only poems they know through poetry
is when poets are spittin cursing & yelling.
not giving you a poetry poem
What happen to poetry
What happen to a poem with a poet
who read poems he wrote as a poet doing poetry
what happen to poem that was a life story about
saving someones life 
through your life being saved
at the end of poets poem 
who saved your life though his poetry
Where is the encouragement to be poetry 
through poems they heard you read because
you heard a poem that made you write poetry
about a poem you read and heard
Who are we if we don't learn
whats a hot mic
if at every turn
everyone was not considered a poet that burns
I'm still looking around for poetry
see there's a lot of poets performing
but not enough poetry
Probably why I never upgraded to 
well the real truth
I never made it too
be a reciting spoken word metaphor messenger in delivery
so I keep on scribing pages, 
instead burning stages for wages
until I find recovery of poetic discovery
because at the end of me speaking
I'm just a poet reading some poetry
so please let a poem be poetry and let poetry speak......

Poetry, where did you go? Registered & Protected

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