Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I AM ONLY ONE WOMAN (dedication)

I AM ONLY ONE WOMAN........(Written for woman going through this)
Dedicated and written for V.J.

I am only one person
but I carry with me the weight of all,
behind these eyes of pride
is weakness falling in tears I cry
You don't know my story
you never felt my struggle
but I'm constantly helping you
always there to save you
no one really knows my troubles
I am only one person
I exercise my strength to carry on
but my bags I carry
are bags of others that need my arms
Being a provider at times
through my selfless sacrifice
Always being their smile to smile
when no one knows my frowns
Behind this shield
you don't know my happily never after
The silent cries in loud laughter
but I am only one person

A woman, like other woman
Who has carried the weight of her race.....on her shoulders
Who has held families together...with short arms
Who has sacrifice without getting anything in return
"You don't know my struggle"
"You don't know the tears I have finally cried"
With each smile that cures you
is more hurt on me inside
For every problem solved
I build a tab on unsolved issues
But I'm only one person

A strong will being misused
Fighting to preserve my beauty
Praying to keep my strength
I want more for others first
who cares less about me being free

They believe I am content
I must stay strong

I must look strong
See strength is all I need
because if I don't, then you won't
then we will all fall to being weak...

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