Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WALL OF EMOTIONS.................~TNW

I signed off on a building plan
which was not exactly my plan of building
but a plan for a foundation that "I"
would continuously build towards building

It started when I applied for this position
With my intentions speaking in vision

Day one
Showing my interest in the position
by putting passion in this position
to make this a goal for position
and not be put in a position to have me
DOING positions
I'm a worker in progress
and I progress when I'm tasked for work
Doing hard work brings soft rewards
So pain, sweat and tears
ain't nothing
because sometimes,
reaching goals.......tend to hurt.......SO GOOD
And I work for success
See goals are just levels
and I plan to surpass them......and then some
Each accomplishment will be with accomplishments
about accomplishments towards more accomplishment
Truth is
there is no greater reward
then to see your employer happy
so that brings me happiness
Week 9 day 18
My employer.......was impressed
not only did I started working with no stress
but From My presentation, to
My demonstration was so on key-
during the first meeting
I came prepared, equipped
and I might say
Dress to impress
Things progress
I became the main employee in the workforce
30 days in,
I was employee of the month
and my employer continued to bathe me with gratitude
bringing my future with endless measurements-
in Longitudes and latitudes
but every great path....has a fork in it
and that's when I ran into the basements management-
78 days in
A glitch was found in the matrix
My programs was caught doing play tricks
not even close to May yet
Confronted on my work being dumb and founded
that my all my credits were lost
in a one day of broken commitments
I crashed to floor holding my PDA and Tablet
scrolling through my notes of "TO DO's and NOT TO DO's"
prescribed in black and white
by my employers "COMMANDMENTS"
but I got side track by side tricks
Sent secretly by "THE SERPENT"
They knew they saw a problem within me
good deeds brought to the employment
they immediately needed squashed that
Repenting is my punishment
My apologies are analogies to Sorry
My employer wasn't trying to hear it
Crushed on expectations that I could been "A PARTNER"
in this industry
but I was in da streets
conducting side hustles and putting my work in da sheets(Blank papers)
Thinking that staying faithful to my passion of employment
wouldn't bring me heat
And I was right
because things didn't get hot
it dropped to Artic Cold
Darkness clouded my light
and fulfillment was opened by a "BLACK HOLE"
and the fertile ground I walk on
is nothing but infected holes
Now I walk with shovels
Because my pen signed off my rights in writes
There isn't enough ink to fill in the blanks of hurt
and all my work
is treated like child's play
every mistake is played in repeat
because rewind and fast fwd buttons don't exist for me
A mistake was made
now I'm sentenced to wearing hurt on my sleeve
because my heart said I couldn't be saved 
and it was too worn out to be worn
that I rather trade in good work
to a life of living as a slave
And now
I stand before a wall of emotions
that I didn't build
but contribute stones and bricks too
knocking down blocks one by one
as the height of the wall continues....
To climb.......
So high......
That it will block my faith in the sky
That, it took away the faith in my eyes
and I slowly die
swinging this emotional sledge hammer to reach
the accomplishment of reaching that goal
Recapturing my interest....and
Winning my blessings
to have the emotions that once was before me
that is now sitting behind the "WALL OF EMOTIONS"

~TNW Registered & Protected

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