Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

MAKE HER........(For my FUTURE)

Make her… (FUTURE)


Make her…..
Feel special

that every word is for her

and that actions walk beside her

that every compliment is your hearts original- poem.
That you are a one woman man

and every woman you see

is her in vision

Show her you’re attentiveness

You’re a good man that listens… her needs, a good listener when she speaks

that every thought is her and her only

That she is your pace maker-

To your life line

That life line is your love line

And her in your life,

Keeps you alive

She’s your prescription glasses

That give you sight

Because even in the blind,

all you see is her

Insure her that there are only two- women in your contacts list

and that's her and your mom

That She is your friend

Your best friend

That special friend

That she is your spiritual-

Before your physical

Mental then emotional

Your bible scriptures and your commandments

She is that one and only

So special is she

So special to me

So especially MINES

She is special and we are SPECIAL together



Make her...


Feel wanted

No, In fact

Make her feel needed

that a second out of her presence is forever

A blinking of your eyes

is a missed vision

and when hands aren’t holding

is not enough touching

and not holding her

is too much distance between you two

Out her presence,

you feel non-existence

Trying make sense out of this nonsense

But keep coming up to her with change

Equally yoked with future tense

Her presence is a present

Prayers answered in blessings

Our subliminal love thang

With messages

Let her know…..

That holding on to her

is like holding on to life

That letting go is not option

Nor is it a word and phrase in your LOVE- THESAURUS

Want her for a need

Because wanting her is just needless

YOU NEED HER because of you’re just plain greedy of her goodness


Make her.....


Feel loved

I mean with flowers

and forehead kisses

Chocolates for sweetness

Providing good love for healthiness

And Say what you mean

Actions show,  you mean this

Place sticky notes on all mirrors

Including side mirrors, rear view mirrors

and yes

The visor mirror when she is checking herself

with the phrase “I LOVE YOU”-

in your BIGGEST font writing styles

and write it with RED CRAYON

Make sure both O's have smiley faces or hearts in them

Sign it with XOXO's with them

Every loving exchange is JUST BECAUSE

Because you ran out of reasons long ago

And your Excuses

That’s because “JUST BECAUSE” is better in every SEASON

Text her after she leaves

Call her while in-boxing her

saying I LOVE YOU simultaneously

Take off early to get home early

Have her bath water ready

Have her dinner ready

Let her have no work to come home to

Just good loving and SOUL FOOD

Rub her shoulders

Then massage her back

Rub her feet and toes

Then kiss her neck

Scribe I LOVE YOU with your tongue

Hold up one finger, point to her



Then store it and save it

Make her your Default Call pic

Your screen saver pic

Wall paper to a life saver pic

Make her name, all your pass codes

And her voice, your ring tone

Because saying her name

Comes with a ring on


Make her know for once

She is Queen

That she is a Queen

What she means to you

without you ........MAKING HER.........


~TNW Registered & Protected

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