Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The Advertiser
Wordsmith promoter
Unpaid passionate distributor Supporter,
network connector
on all social networks
I’m the GE on the scene
bringing great connections to life
the words and writes are my rights 
I put hype
before your pen strike, 
or before typewriters type
the reason for past seasons
the lost ones, once the dark ones
Have a heart, a brains and courage …
and can see the WIZARDS stage lights
But I forgot I about my life
forgot to push my hype
solicit theirs more than mines
but no one’s pushing mines, RIGHT?
when you aren’t pushing yours
This ain’t no delegated chore
its clause for the pause no metaphors
just metamorphic exchanges that evolves
I don’t do this for the props
I raise my writing hand to my pops
I do this for love and not for ya’ll
swerve, brake and pause
Let me have your attention ya'll
A rebel without a cause
Dayum I promote so much,
I deserve an award
and my reward
support and being on one accord
but what I can't afford
a break in circles and links
I'm protecting this community reputation
like chirp chirp, from brinks
but really tho, does this message sink
I can give a what, what haters think
cause haters ain't shyt
and you know shyt stinks
But me
a promoter?
a advertiser?
the go to
when you don't know where to go to
that ain't me at all
cause I don't do what I do as promoter
I do it cause I do it
for the same passion that pushes us all
And its my fault for pushing this game
so I can't be mad at no one for 
respectfully earning this name
but I'm a writer first
a poet with thirst
TwistNWordz is my name
and poetry is my hunger games Registered & Protected

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