Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I invite you to this platform
See, my stage is your stage
You don't have to be afraid
but if you are it's okay
You are a hidden star
To stand before a crowded room
strangers and friends looking at you
this is the height of nervousness by far
but tonight is your light to shine
to become your bucket list star
to share your thoughts and dreams
as we make your dreams part of  WordzSpeaks team
This stage is made about who you are
Don't worry about the poet that went before you
or the one coming after you
just come up here, 
do what you gotta do
read your poem,
in your voice
in other words, just be you
See, I'm telling you the truth
And Yes, I'm talking to you
the silent poet
the smiling listener
the shaking knee wanting to come to the  mic
the beaded forehead from venues with bright lights
Don't make this the "Maybe the next time"
I'll sign the list

Don't make this the "I shoulda, coulda, woulda"
moment for you to spit
As my boy E-Baby says, "GET YO ASS UP"
see you need to spit your shit
Be brave,
put your name on the list
See in this venue
We need to hear your mind vent
Fuck a therapist,
let us stop, stop
look, look
then listen
Demand us with your delivery
Command us with your poetry
Pen us in swords of words 
makes us have your full attention
this what we do
as poets we do this with full intentions
See what you be spittin
could be the words possibly hitting
close to home
or heal open wounds

mending ones heart
for the dark clouds that bloom
So, give us your writes
share with us your mind
there is no next time
tonight is your night
You can shine
You will shine
fear is all in your mind
Bring us sight through your vision
help us hear your words 
and take us out the blind
So when I call your name
don't run for cover
puff up your chest
approach with nervousness
and leave the stage as your best
know, "You're the New Poet" by request
that we discovered and uncovered
There is no time to run with treason
this is your reason, 
to hear hands clapping & your name called
So you can be "THAT POET" for this season 
Just stand up with pride in your eyes
and if you like
we will stand by your side and hold the mic
while you workout the whispers
until you're shouting out your lines
open mics, cameras, then action 
This is your INVITATION for you to shine

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