Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Guest what y'all

Walmart is moving in
Target already got themselves settled in
Best Buy put their stamp on a two block length

no more bootleg tables
Benny ain't walking around selling stolen toiletries
CVS and 7Eleven is your inconvenience, I can't afford convenience store
Mom and pop stores going bye bye
mom and pop stores have to raise their price high
mom and pop stores are where????

Guest what y'all

they got jobs at them stores
but they not hiring no one from your......neighborhood
you ain't trained enough
don't have a proper name for you to
they are trying to look good for the new faces
face lifts on color schemes walking in old places
Not catering to you, so you yell out 'racist"
but who cares?

Guest what y'all

they doing buy outs around town
500,000 cash is how open eyes sound
30 days to take it and move out
but yo,
what can you purchase now a days in DMV for 500 thou?
I see you trading in your D.C. ID for M.D. in the county of P.G.
P.G. ain't no longer M.D.
its just a S.E. and N.E occupying P.G. .........county

I'm driving y'all
no, I'm walking y'all
in neighborhoods 10 years ago would not greet me y'all
now they say hi
or smile with fear of my brown
or they hope I'm going to turn them down(for robbery)
looking up at full green trees
smelling roses and not corners stained of smelling pee
I can see myself in the brand new street sign
I can see myself in the bus stop plexi glass
I can see myself as myself and not as no one else
I can walk on the curve kicking air not rocks or glass
No corner liquor stores, just Wines and Spirits
No carry outs, just Restaurants that deliver
I'm walking and looking like a site see-er

look around like I'm not suppose to be here
hearing humming cars blasting music at Walkman volumes
people yelling hello and not cursing
they speaking foreign language
they be speaking proper English
slanguage? That has gone in extinction
I was born here right?
I grew up here right?
My ancestors help build and purchase these brick stones right?
Don't recognize this place
they don't remember the old space
they don't remember how it was
they don't remember, because they bought us out

so we are not SOUL OUT

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

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