Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Saturday, February 22, 2014


They wake up early in the morning
just to clear their head out
to clear the air out 
their day wouldn't me right
without a poem made up
they have alot to make up
they just want to be free
but their poemless, 
yes their poemless
and their out there spittin for  money

So you come to hear poetry
Wait, Excuse me
they're maybe some artist in the building

So let me come again, correctly

So you come to hear spoken word poetry

You come to be moved

then inspired by a title, message or cadence

new audiences come here looking for

low light, congo's and the smell of incense

and you here to hear something moving to all your senses

hopefully to learn something you already knew

that completes hungry minds with fulfilling lines

and not being left with blank stares and emptiness

plus you're looking for an escape from the nonsense

You know, the radio sense

the loudness on substance

with styles chemically unbalanced

so they have no substance

they're just smoking it

And no

you won't find scenes with

smokey clouds
with heavy drinking in it

No you won't see scenes played out

like Nia long & Lorenz Tate on that Love Jones flick
you might see long dreds and shit

natural hair styles and funky outfits

beaded necklaces with fist on it

Where low lights will be bright to

dark poems, with loud voices on it

and every other line being quoted

from your favorite profit

And yes we are non profit

except those working for foods

which sometimes includes on menu's

appetizers of staring eyes

entree's of yes and finger snaps

and desserts in high calorie standing ovations

daps, with sounds like "man you did that"

or teary eyes with big hugs,

when you read that...


that poem, spoken words piece,

ventilation of something that you needed to get off your chest
See,  you don't bring your writes

you bring your best

not here to impress the listeners

you opening up to impress more or less

And here's where we get you...

You won't see nervousness

but you may hear  stu stu stuttering lines
you may see notebooks and my favorite
PDA's when I'm busting Rhymes

There will be the loud brothers or sisters
some deep poets and the tonguetwister
they're will be first timers
and veteran long timers
ones that leave you with messages
or the one's confusing you like you have Alzheimer 
But my purpose,
is to prepare you for the real poetry scene
You know
the love talk 
and Def poetry jams
the Nikki's
and the Garvey's
poems that may make you cry
or happy
Haiku's in short poem truths
Six words to metaphors

making you jump up and say "DAYUM YOU"
may even release you from a complicated life
prevent that one thinking about suicide
because if you know what I know
We're about that life
I got to write
I have to write

So Just write poet write
vent it all through poetry
the one free session 
that doesn't bill you after your therapy
the mic is the voice of choice
so there many reasons to be afraid
staring eyes and silent minds
your stage is your cage
share us your thoughts
though your sacred page
and one more thought
poetry doesn't have limit 

towards a starting age
born to your first words
until the last words are your last days
So be your favorites,  favorite 
whether its performing or hosting
just perform everything you have freely
a destination without any ones confirmation
Spoken World Tuesday's
your Mic Checks to your Be free's

Spit dats so you can WordzSpeaks
I'm TwistNWordz my significant never is Mjg Speaks
and what makes this complete
delegation started from an audience seat
See the fact still remains
We didn't find free style and poetry
free style and poetry found we

They're just like you and me
but they're poemless

yes they're poemless
and out here spittin.......their poetry Registered & Protected

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