Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


we're inches apart with breath and heats embracing the space between us. 
Heart beats are the only music playing, 
nervousness from long awaiting, 
patience is a virtue but anxiousness is our downfall. 
Wanting so much to give in on a plan that was made since day one without discussion.
Playing Russian roulette with our desires, 
hell thinks we are too hot with our mental fires, 
pauses turns to play, 
creaking of wood floors snitches on our moving, 
trying to surprise one another until bodies bump.....
exhales touch and tongues lick lips of the other when they are reaching to lick their own. 
I feel your shivers, 
silence has me hearing your secrets escaping, 
now what? 
We wanted this, 
but force keeps us at stay, so we stay until........

Hands extended, my pours excited like mini erections in my palms,
anxious to feel your skin and guess your color by its smoothness, (fiction)
overheating clashes with two bodies barely breathing
cinnamon and winter mints create new flavored airs
my manhood stands to boyish thoughts
my heart beats love as my fear of penetration
will paint visions of lust
my hand makes contact
a moan is released from the standing significant
quietness plays out parting lips, (both of them)
body shivers as my hands eases back 
only allowing finger tips to race down curves
gravity has my strength in right hand falling fast
but still light on touches
her swaying left, plays navigation to my movement
her rising to tip toes in voiceless GPS(gushing pussy slivers)
I feel her points on top of C mounds piercing my skin
she moans in stutters 
the body continues to tremble as if its 30 below bare nakedness
my feathered fingers had me palm landing on her plain fields
I felt smooth when rubbing down
a slight abrasion with my palm lifted up
my finger tips were dipped wet in heat until cold applied its cool
she jumped and sounded off in a whimper
anticipation of crossings boarders, her no longer being the
until.......................................... Registered & Protected

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