Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I see what I heard in you that day
I added brains before beauty
subtracting the attraction of the physical
and was turned on by the mental
I still close my eyes,
hoping the air would lean in and kiss me
like you did
I look for every opportunity to hear your laugh
and steal your hugs
I stare at my hands
looking at the emptiness of your body fitting perfectly in my grasp
I love your laugh
your smile makes all smile back
your humor is of your own
but who can resist not laughing with you
your kindness and dedication
I accidentally purposely over looked with over standing
and before long
I became greedy and unselfishly selfish
I wanted all your convo
pocket all your attention
and be your full time, poet
singer, comedian and Rescue
but what you don't see I'm seeing for you
is why the little you do
makes my eyes stay on you
can't take my eyes off you even in my dreams
my mouth moves faster than my thoughts
and I wish I can go back
and put a band aid with a kiss on my mild damage

that was done to you
never meant to
wasn't my plan to
but why did I un-purposely hurt you
closing my eyes slowly fast
forgetting that I remembered how...
I miss the beginning
when we, were like two kids
and I love that
but in my eyes
I see beauty without effort
I see waking up to something satisfying and healthy
I embrace calm smells that move me
while your softness comforts my body
like fresh sheets out a dryer
I see you,
in my eyes through reflection of your eyes
seeing me, seeing you
I see BEAU Tee Full
I see You, a image through your voice
standing before me
capturing me with eyes closed
and being your only applauding audience
I see, you, all over again..... Registered & Protected

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