Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I thought I seen it all
heard and experienced everything
but there are things still missing
Not enough strobe lights
red flags,blues clues or
identifying mask with fine prints
and yes.....there's just
Where is the manual
that prepares you for all this
The common sense class in school that we skipped
The Quotes in the skies saying
"Mama said it would be days like this"

But mama didn't show me
daddy sad he told me
no one was there to hold me
when it all went down
Why don't men and woman come with
their own warning labels
instead of being that silent killer
that later comes around like....
the ones you hear from stories and fables
These individuals should come equipped with
and not excluded.......
Written in BIG dark black letters that saying things like this:
That bitch is crazy

that nigga lazy and no good
shorty acts uptity
but still living in the hood
He got 6 kids and three baby mama's
with a baggage full of drama
He dresses in a suit
but sales drugs on the corner
She is a clepto
while flaunting new gear that's really your clothes
He professionalize in telling lies
She is damage goods
quiet girl, occupying stages, while going to the poles
in her hood
HE is a poet with good words 
and no actions
So he aint going to live by his own actions....just words
He thinks he is Gods gift to creation
She lying about a good loving man
but like Uncle Rukus in her bedroom

He and She our bi-curious
He and she are unbalanced
one lives in laughter, other acts too dayum serious
She is OCD
but lets shit builds up for days
He lives in a corner of clutter
while instagraming pics of dressing good
on his page
He ain't nuttin but a carry out eating glutten
She is health food, mouth rude
mixed race little mutt and
She drives while texting
while he envisions other woman while sexing
She is the grammar police
He is the 5th grade flunky 
writing mispelled poems holding a college degree
He is the spiritual preacher

speaking Monday thru Saturday teacher
seated in back roles behind the features and leaders
when on Sunday he is in the pews
While She plays the sinner, the heathen winner
the drama, saving us from Eve
that you can find at 11pm on 11 news
Now I ask again
Where are the warning signs

see you got me
patting you down in hugs
searching for your warning labels
you know those 
invisible clearly visible fine lines
because no one
I mean no one
should have to find out
about the cause and effects
the long lasting side effects
which leads to WRECKS N EFFECTS
when beginning to walk in relationships
so before you make any type of attempts
come truthfully equipped
don't leave home without it
put it your pocket like a packing slip
and lets us see your

WARNING LABELS Registered & Protected

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