Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Me and Mrs Jones
We got a thang

I got a love Jones for the love of poems
I love poems about love poems

them love poems that turn to lust poems
those verbal messages coming across
I get the point poems
erotic verbal usages, I call them word porn
but I wasn't born to write poems
so poems wrote me a poem
invaded cerebral subliminal doms
digitless, I tought my indigenous forms
my spirits didn't reach those religious forums
so I anti Christ my poetry
with Moses holding tablets in commandments
the first poems were bible scriptures
known as proverbs and psalms
thats why I got A love jones for loving poems
the normal to abnormal,and informal poems
the ones with delivery and messages
17 syllable haiku....known as Japanese poems
See I wrote the songs
I write poems that make the whole world sing poems
Poems came in a dream time
poems contacted me and my mind
like close encounters of the 3rd world time
its my 1st word in last word time
the noun and verb time
I recited my words on grail time
reading with gesturing hands
with closed eyes wide
So I and I 
that kind of guy
still reading from paper
in real word time
graduated to PDA
I upward my word rhymes
with endings that were pending
like ATM transactions
I'm ADH with my poetry
I called them multiple distractions
giving you half of me in poetry
so I deliver me in fractions
I read monologues in 3D/HD's
yeah, consider me close caption
I refuse to eat my own words
So I took a vow of word fasting
hunger pains plague my brain
I'm suffering from poetry contractions
I want spit poems, you can swallow
so poetically I be ejac-in
I see a disaster about to happen
spoken words transforming to rappin
So I drop the mic and leave the stage
and observe the next poet that comes after

Venting poetry temporarily to indefinitely
until I can speak and hear
the mute and deaf in me
the fact is
I wanted to claim this artistry
through writings and blessings
Reality speaks
I'm POETRYover flowerty 
A poets poem without a spoken word beat
the fact of the matter
I didn't choose poetry, poetry chose me

We got a thang.....
going on

Love Jones Registered & Protected

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